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all offerings aim to promote whole-being wellness 

Return to sacred rhythms | Discover root-cause healing | Translate the wisdom of the soul and natural world

An apothecary filled with small-batch herbal remedies.

Salves, tinctures, tea blends and infused oils.

Fuel your health with a personalized herbal blend(s)

Designed to help you live your life to the fullest.

Discover root-cause healing and develop the health habits of your dreams

Receive 1:1 empowerment coaching AND a personalized health plan.

A sacred space to explore hidden obstacles and unlock new aspects of oneself

* Although I am not a licensed psychologist you will be in kind and experienced hands *

an energetic channel towards insight and wisdom

Offered as 45-minute private sessions or as part of 1-3 hour group events 

Learn how to harness the lunar cycle for personal development

Currently available for pre-order

Express your brand creatively and professionally

Full website designs, SEO plans, logo development and ongoing website improvement.

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