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Marshmallow Root {For Healing + Regeneration of Digestive & Respiratory System}

Marshmallow offers unmatched healing to the entire digestive tract, emotional body, lungs, immune system and urinary tract.  It both protects and regenerates the mucosal linings of our bodies while it’s essence calms and caresses our spirits.


This plant means the world to me. I sat next to the very plant used to prepare this small batch of medicine for 3 years ~ I gazed upon her underneath the full moon; Sipped morning beverages with her under the rising sun and shed tears with her when my heart was weary.


I watched as she grew from seed… soaking in her essence as much as I could.

Now I offer this medicine to you

❧ May it’s flower essence guide and comfort you

❦ May it’s roots heal your body of inflammation


For the science-minded, Marshmallow healing comes mainly from the mucilaginous polysaccharides which soothe irritated mucous membranes within the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract. These compounds form a protective layer around the tissue while simultaneously promoting regeneration. The best part is they are not broken down as they travel through the digestive tract, so the benefits reach all the way to the intestines!


This herb is also a strong cough suppressant (comparable to codeine at high doses). Making it well known for its ability to reduce irritating, dry or spasmodic coughs and promote expectoration. It can also be helpful in treating asthma and acute or chronic lung congestion.


Despite the scarce research into Marshmallow and the urinary tract, there is a long history of use with most urinary issues such as bladder inflammation & difficult or painful urination. The mildly antibacterial mucilage counters infection, while its diuretic action helps draw out bacteria by increasing urine output.


To further intensify the benefits this medicinal offers the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract, Marshmallow helps promote healing by activating the immune system and supporting phagocytosis (removal of dead/damaged cells or debris). It is also antibacterial, helpful for treating gram-positive bacteria, such as Staph and E. coli. 


Includes a 2oz (56g) bag of Dried + Cut Marshmallow root {Althaea officinalis} ~ Sustainablly Grown and Produced by The Health Habit LLC 

Marshmallow Root {For Healing + Regeneration of Digestive & Respiratory System}



    Exceptional quality and perfect consistency. This is the absolute best salve I have found in the US. So soothing on my cracked, dry skin. It was healed after just 3 days!

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