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Now is the time to unlock new aspects of yourself...

The world is ripe with opportunity...

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 The trick is knowing where the opportunities lie.
Then accepting the location of power and flowing with the potential. The universe is a bit of a trickster though. Things are constantly pivoting.

How is the opportunity pivoting right now? 

With the rise of Pisces season,
that answer is hard to put into words. This is because our current opportunity lies in the abstract...
The non-verbal world of energy, emotions and the alchemizing of complex unknowns.

So here is my offering to you...  

a practice and a medicine.

The Practice: Tarot

The Medicine: Flower Essences

Tarot is a divination system, meaning it can help us to
seek knowledge of the unknown. It consists of 78 cards, filled with powerful 
symbolism. I describe Tarot as an energy communication pathway.
It translates the
energy that is always surrounding us,

into concrete things that we can then analyze and more easily act upon.
In other words, it taps into a "secret" layer of reality.
Translating the unconscious into the tangible.
Bridging us to the unseen and the unknown. 

Flower essences provide us with a subtle, yet transformative medicine.
Physically speaking, they are the energetic imprint of a plant. This imprint is expressed within the  plant's flowers. Using the suns rays and water as a conduit, we can capture the very essence of the plant.
This creates an energetic medicine that can provide us with healing on the deepest possible level. 

Flower essences have the ability to cross the bridge 
between the physical and emotional body. 
Healing and transforming core imbalances, misdirected beliefs, mental patterning's or fears. Allowing us to step into more harmony and ultimately, a higher expression of ourselves. 

  • Experience a 30-minute Tarot Reading

  • Receive a Flower Essence of your choosing. Below you will find a quick review of the current options:

    • Echinacea {Echinacea purpurea} for overcoming our deepest pain and struggles.​

    • Calendula {Calendula officinalis} for fostering love, abundance, luck and joy.

    • Saint John's Wort {Hypericum perforatum} for personal power and creative vitality.

    • Tulsi {Ocimum tenuiflorum} for opening your mind and heart to the divine. 

    • Marshmallow {Althaea officinalis} for emotional healing.

After purchasing this $33 exclusive offer you will receive an email with more information on how to book your tarot reading and a deeper view of flower essence selection. 

- Offer is only valid until March 20th - 


Pisces embodies the quality of belief, faith and trust in a higher power; something greater than the self. Its energy is all about the intuitive felt sense. It is about union, even amongst great contradictory forces. Pisces is an absorbing force. Taking in information and feeling from all angles and alchemizing it. It is spiritual, innately connected to the invisible forces of the universe. Its ultimate task is to integrate that otherworldly connection into day-to-day life so that we may practically apply it. 

March 20th marks the end of Pisces seasons. At that time, we will transition from the mutable water energy of Pisces into the cardinal fire of Aries. There is less room for introspection, unification and alchemizing in Aries season. Making right NOW a crucial time to focus on these concepts. This offering is designed to help you begin your dive into the unknown waters of you. 

As an extra astrology tid-bit... Both Neptune and the Sun will remain in Pisces for the duration of this zodiac season. Yet another sign to lean into the abstract realms.
So... are you ready to take the dive?

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