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Translating lunar wisdom

returning to sacred rhythms and ritual

Our human minds devised months as a means of tracking time, but our ancestors used the moon. The amount of time it takes the moon to cycle through its 8 phases is almost the same number of days in a month (29.5). The difference is that the lunar cycle holds symbolic value and energetic imprints which can allow us to better manifest our dreams and support our personal development. The month system lacks this potency for it consists merely of numbers. The number day of any given month does not connect with the energies of nature. There is no spiritedness. The lunar cycle however is the foundation of earth's natural rhythms. Tracking the moon phases thus gives us an opportunity to synergistically work with the energies arising in the world around us. We maximize our power by consciously working with that which is already occurring.

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The lunar cycle has become a central part of my personal development journey. To help other harness this valuable tool I am currently in the process of writing an eBook. This book will teach you the inner workings of the lunar cycle: what causes the cycle, how to identify each phase in the sky and ideas for how to harness the energy of each moon phase. It will include printable resources to help you up for success by taking the guess work out of the process. Ultimately making living in alignment with the moon just as convenient as it is transformative.

Does all this fill you with a sense of excitement? 

You don't need to wait in order to begin. You can pre-order the eBook today, follow me on instagram for more inspiring content and sign up to receive emails with little gems of learning and empowerment. 

Pre-order the "Harnessing the Lunar Cycle" EBook

A little something to get you started:

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