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Website Design


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Launch your Brand. Make your dreams come true. ensure your website stands out.

My web design services are especially helpful for new businesses as well as established business looking to grow or redesign their look.

Take a look at some of my work

I have designed websites for thriving businesses from a diversity of fields. 

Tek-Sales is a market leader representing quality manufactured products for the municipal and industrial water markets for the Northeastern United States. 

Thrive is a group of dedicated medical professionals who offer speech language therapy, occupational therapy and feeding services to the children of Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Victor Community Fitness is a gym local to Victor New York which offers a diversity of high-intensity group-fitness classes such as StrongFirst Kettlebell and cardio calisthenics. 

More about my services 

I utilize wix for all of my website builds and this is why:

  • It provides my clients with autonomy after their website launch - Most web design businesses require you to pay additional fees for future editing. Although I do offer these services, with wix you are able to make your own changes to your website. That way you don't have to pay for little changes such as adjusting write-ups or changing pictures. I am trying to set you up for success rather than dependency. 

  • Wix provides a one-stop shop business headquarters which allows you to easily analyze website traffic, design professional emails, process payments, track inventory, store client information and much more. 

  • Wix has around the clock help services so you can receive the support you need any time. 

  • Wix is a domain hosting site - With a purchase of a premium membership you can access all the business services listed above and your domain will be securely hosted by a leader in the website industry. Wix makes editing DNS and CNAME records easy while other web hosts create complex convaluted steps for such website edits. 

My services go beyond Web design:

  • Marketing-focused Writing: I am a talented writer who is skilled at connecting to others. This means that once I understand the vision of your brand, I can easily develop write-ups which help sell your services to prospective clients. 

    • Not sure what your business identity is? I am able to help you develop your Branding (how your business is perceived by your clients/customers). A big part of my private practice is helping people translate their thoughts, feelings and needs into concrete actions. I bring this same level of care to my web clients in order to help your business develop. 

  • Once we settle on a final design, I oversee the launch of the new website by altering DNS records and any other needed updates. 

  • I offer domain registration ($20 annual fee). All domains must be registered with an official domain registrar and hosted. Hosting services allow you domain to have stored data and files.

  • Logo Creation: If your business does not already have a logo I will create one for you as part of my web design and/or SEO plan service.

  • I offer SEO plan development ($50 add-on service). My SEO plan development includes a Favicon design which can be used as your business logo. 

All in all...

Why should you choose me for your website (re)design?

When you purchase my services, you are investing in a human who genuinely wants to help others. I will go above to see you succeed... putting the same degree of care into your business as I would for mine 

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Technical details

Website Design Pricing:

I charge $600 for my website designs. This includes a $200 non-returnable deposit and a $400 payment upon your acceptance of a final design. 

Timeline for my website builds:

Once you make the initial $200 deposit you will receive an email prompting you to reply with relevant business information. The more information you can provide the better. This allows me to ensure my design and write-ups I complete matches your brand. In total, websites normally take me 2-4 months to complete. Throughout the process I will provide you with updates and at least one draft to provide your input on. Once we have a draft that we are all happy with I will send you a request for the remaining $400 and launch your website. 

What if I need to update something after we launch my website?

For about a month after your launch I will be periodically scrolling your website looking for any errors or areas for improvement. During this time, I will be available to answer questions and make minor edits to the website free of charge.


For 1-month post-launch: Any edits/updates that take me over an hour to complete will be subject to a $30 per hour fee

After this 1-month period:

  • I am able to edit and update your website at a $30/hour rate.

  • I offer on-going website improvement services for $125 per month. I then commit to 4-6 hours of work per month. This service is available to everyone regardless of whether or not I have designed your website. 

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