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The 3 pillars of my practice

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy offers a holistic, root-cause approach to health. It strives to address any dysfunction or imbalances by supporting healing at the deepest level possible. We will explore your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being to create a health plan that supports you on all levels. Ultimately creating a recipe for lasting wellness.


 Plant remedies are a simple and safe way to propel us down the path to health, enlightenment and all things in-between.  My passion for nature and herbalism consistently inspires me to formulate small batch herbal remedies aimed to help people develop whole-being wellness. To help deepen into this ancient medicine style, I offer herbal consultations. These consults provide you with an individualized herbal blend(s) designed to help you live life to the fullest. If you are looking for a quick, easy and potent addition to your life, this is it!

Spiritual life coaching

As our knowledge of physiology grows, the impact of our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing on physical health is becoming more apparent. It is often these more abstract areas of our life that holds us back. Sometimes simply setting a goal isn’t enough… what we really need is a safe and sacred place to work through all the behind-the-scenes obstacles. We cannot expect our health and life to flourish if we fail to nourish the deep and divine aspects of ourselves. So... shall we begin?


For as long as I have been alive my grandfather has been a type 2 diabetic, not a fact he was proud of. He would slink off when he needed to take his insulin shots and found creative ways to avoid telling me what he was actually doing in the corner. When I was 13, he went to a holistic clinic for a nutrition for diabetic’s boot camp. For a few weeks they taught him the ins and outs of diabetes and introduced him to a diabetes-specific diet. When he returned home, he was completely taken off his insulin. He ecstatically shared that he had never felt healthier and more energized in his entire life. That was the moment I knew I wanted to be a holistic practitioner. I wanted to spend my life providing others with the freedom and joy that my grandfather felt. I became fascinated with nutrition and the profound effects food has on our wellbeing. I became convinced that diet was the single most influential aspect of health, and I am still convinced of that today.


Fast forward a few years, I came to know that my other grandfather was also a diabetic. He had been for years without my knowing. His disinclination towards complaining and expressing negative emotions made it an easy fact to overlook. He began developing a number of related conditions such as retinopathy and chronic kidney disease. I cannot express how heart breaking it was and has been to watch his health deteriorate. I felt helpless. Years ago, his doctor wanted to prepare him for dialysis but he refused. That determination and strict adherence to a kidney disease diet plan has allowed him to continue to avoid dialysis. I have seen his doctors overlook seemingly obvious things such as the need for a nutritionist and concurrently administered medications with direct contraindications. I have been furious and heart broken seeing his pained face getting shots in his eye and his confused and helpless expression as we walked out of the doctor’s office. I became increasingly infuriated by the state of our healthcare system. The idea of practitioners reading a patient’s chart moments before a visit and quickly determining the simplest, quickest fix deeply upset me. People are not simple and true health isn’t derived from quick fixes. I am tired of hearing about medical professionals treating symptoms instead of foundational imbalances and I am tired of witnessing people being treated as patients instead of living, breathing, complex people. I am tired of being part of a culture that disempowers us. How can a person be treated if their doctor doesn’t have the time to listen or is so wound-up in the science that they forget to care? How can you be an active part of your own healing process if you are not being heard or are not being given the opportunity to explore your experiences? How can a treatment plan be developed by briefly reviewing a standardized chart? Healing doesn't happen if you are just giving everybody the same prescription! 


These were the final straws for me. I simply couldn’t bear the corruption and disillusionment any longer so I made a pledge to myself. I pledged to someday be wise and knowledgeable enough to help people like my grandfather. I vowed to be a holistic practitioner. I vowed to dedicate my life to healing others. I mean deep, true healing! Not just the lack of symptoms or a symptom burden you can learn to deal with.  I vowed to be the kind of practitioner who leaves their clients feeling empowered and in control of their lives. I do not want people to depend on my care or prescriptions forever... I want to teach people how to listen to their bodies, cut through the noise and live in ways that leave them energized and content. I vowed to make a positive impact on the world.  Life has showed me that I am meant for this work. It isn’t a simple mission. To be honest, I frequently wish I found something easier to dedicate myself to… but then I think about my grandfathers and I remember that I feel most alive when I see that hopeful light and recognition in people’s eyes. The recognition of their potential and ability to be healed and happy. I am doing this work because I truly care for people. Yes, that includes you dearest reader. This work fuels me, it gives my life purpose, but I am here for you just as intensely as I am here for me.


May you be blessed with healing,

Maria Bellavia, Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, Herbalist and Empowerment Coach

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